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MyElixa Hydration 

helps you to keep hydrated

Make your bottle smart
and start to measure how much  you drink every day.

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Measure the quantity of water drunk

Display real-time data in MyElixa app

Long last battery rechargeable wireless

MyElixa Water Band is a flexible smart device that measures the water you drink and incentivizes you to reach your daily water goal through a personalized system of lights and sound.


Don't buy a smart bottle - Make your bottle smart.

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Do you know if you are drinking enough water?

MyElixa Hydration kit

How it works

Connect, Personalize, Start drinking!

1. Connect the base to the home network and create a profile 

2. Personalize the sip and the types of notifications (sounds and lights)

3. Start to track the water intake 

MyElixa Mobile App

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Connect MyElixa Hydration Base downloding  MyElixa app. This will allow you to display the daily water intake in a dashboard and personalize your notifications

Display the information of the quantity of water drunk

Get alerted if the water goal is not reached

Share the information with other people

75% of adults suffer chronic dehydration

75% of US adults suffer chronic dehydration and this problem is also experienced in slightly varying degrees in other European countries.

Despite the negative health and cognitive effects of dehydration, most adults go through their daily lives in this state, not getting enough water over the course of the day. 

Why it is so important?


The devices are Wi-Fi for  real time communication 


Set up the devices easily from your phone 


The devices are light and ergonomic

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